Whisky Explorer

Bespoke whisky tour of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Discover the amazing range of malts in Scotland’s distilleries on our whisky ‘water of life’ tour.

We are flexible and can offer you a tour based around your own tastes. Maybe head to  the west and over to Islay. The Islay Single Malt Whiskies offer a distinctly peaty style of its single malt whiskies. Many people love or hate them. Perhaps you prefer smooth Speyside drams? We could visit Speyside, home of over half of Scotland’s malt whisky distilleries and journey through the stunning Cairngorms National Park.

We can also stop of at some other famous distilleries such as Deanston, Glengoyne and Dalwhinnie

Let us  create your own bespoke whisky tour of the Scottish Highlands and Islands based on your choices. Your chance to enjoy a real flavour of Scotland

Duration: flexible 2 to 5 days

See our our Extended Highland Tour options

Warehouse whisky tour at Deanston distillery Scotland

Discover Some Amazing Distilleries

Discover the huge range of malts on our whisky tours. We can devise you a tour based around your own whisky tastes. Highland, Islay, Speyside…

whiskey still on whisky tour of scotland from edinburgh

Get up Close & Personal

We explore some smaller distilleries where you can a chance to get up close and see how the ‘water of life’ is made.

taste of whisky by the fire blackrock scottish tours whiskey tour of scotland

Relax by the Fire with a Dram

After a day our exploring, there’s plenty of time to relax by the fire with your favourite dram and find out what food goes best with whisky?

visiting a whisky distillery on whiskey tour Scotland

Hear How Whisky is Made Using Authentic Techniques

Discover how whisky is made using a range of ancient methods which have been handed down over the years.

Sample a Wide Range of Whisky Tastes and Flavours

We can devise you a special whisky tour based around your own whisky tastes. Peat smoky Islay, malts or sweet and smooth Speyside drams, or a bit of both?

whisky barrels on whiskey tour scotland blackrock tours

Bespoke Private Whisky Tours Across Scotland

Enjoy a private whisky tour across Scotland, where you experience the distilleries, tours and tastings of your choice, taking in the Highland scenery, history and culture along the way.